COMMENTS FROM FACEBOOK: ; ; ; ;Try Greek vacations to stay in Kos (Kardàmena): careful, considerate and courteous. Bravi! ; ; ; ;Returned yesterday from Kos. Vacanzegreche proved to live up to expectations as to customer focus. Thanks to Andrea, Helen and all the staff for the willingness. If we go back to Greece you will surely be still our benchmark.  ; ; ; ;Elena and Andrea are very helpful ... surely we will meet again ... a kiss..  ; ; ; ;Returned Thursday by Kos.Bella island, nice holiday!!. Many thanks to Elena and Andrea for the help they have given us!!!. Fiorella ; ; ; ;Now returned from Rhodes! Lovely! Thank you and next time we will try Kos!!! MONICA ; ; ; ;... Elena, Andrea.... thanks so much for everything!!!! we returned qs morning ... Splendid Vacation, already I feel the lack of Kos ... I want to come back...!!!! see you soon... ELISA ; ; ; ;wonderful holiday, thanks KOS! ALBERTO ; ; ; ;Hello guys, the holiday is over, however, we were having fun greetings then if you go to Bologna let us a ring ;) MAXIMUM ; ; ; ;guys, we Kos almost 2 Holiday weeks with Greek, excellent organization and accommodation ... then Kos is beautiful! Partite subitoooo ; ; ; ;Hi Andrea !Thank you for the wonderful holiday :-)) ANDREA CECCATO ; ; ; ;Chi va a Kos, we will come back every year .... word of who, come me, He knows very well ... IRENE ; ; ; ;Hello guys I am back but I already miss Kos wanted to thank you for everything you were very available GIOVANNA ; ; ; ;Hello Elena / Andrea, I would like to thank you for the 'assistance and advice on places to visit that were ... it was just a beautiful holiday!! Francesca ; ; ; ;Hello guys!!I wanted to thank you for the information and support that you have given us to live this holiday to the fullest ... Beautiful island Kos ... it is in the heart!!A kiss and the next maybe! Federica

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    • Author: Lorenzo Cecchinelli
    • Country: Greece
    • Region: Eastern Europe
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  • Up-to-date the: 16-09-2011

The dodecanese: the islands of the cicadas. [Kos, Kalymnos, Pserimos, Nisyros]
The song of the cicadas sings a hypnotic music, that surrounds you and seduces you, in a buzz of ecstasy that marks the rhythm of the sunny days on these islands of the moon, barren but so interesting for the kenyon and the desert landscapes and rocky, immersed in a sea whose nuances can reach the wonderful colors.
The mediterranean vegetation of shrubs and small trees, cypress, tamarisk, olive, decorates in the wild, the coastline laced with coves and small bays filled with the scent of the essences of rosemary, basil, oregano thyme and eucalyptus...
Goats running up and daring on the cliffs, mules sornioni and cows from the mantle earthy and dark, you stand out here and there in this landscape, featuring houses with white and blue, and back to an ancient atmosphere, and the secular where the time is anchored to the traditions seems to have stopped.These islands are so extreme, that geographically you could narrow down the area of the landscape more Turkish than a Greek offer, just because the land border, a set of mixtures is ethnic, cultural, fascinating, and distinguished from each other in a relevant way.

Ancient greece, roman remains, the ottomans, the turks, until you get to the influence of the Italian fascist period, there are so many things to see and do in this archipelago with faerie that continually calls you back to the enchanted places of the odyssey.

Our journey started from Bergamo with a flight with Ryan Air direct to Kos, the island is more relevant after Rhodes, which, however, we have not visited.

Rayan has the unique advantage of being a direct flight, hours comfortable, pretty cheap, us cost 390 euro per head booked by July. The rest is Ryan air, a continuous sale of trinkets between a bell and the other, landings and extreme delusions for the sizes and the weight of the luggage!
Be precise, otherwise the berries are salty and do not forgive, we have seen many tourists empty out and leave things to go.

We have stayed in Kardamena, sincerely recommend it to all because it is in the part of the most beautiful with many stretches of the wild, and where the beaches they are fantastic, then why is the area of the suction cup, and subject to the sea currents, then the sea, swimming pool and limpid, and without algae.

The area north certainly offers interesting views, but are absolutely negligible.
The sea is always rough, and very windy only suitable for those who love to wind surf or kite.

Kardamena has a strategic location that allows you to reach Kos ideal for the night life in a half-hour drive, about 23 Km.

Our Hotel,,, it was perfect, equipped with excellent rooms, with kitchenette, cabinets, the beds were comfortable and new, clean.
Are made cleaning with the regularity and change of linen every two days. Air conditioning and balconies facing the sea. You can connect the veranda with a wireless network to the internet and have the tv in the room and the fridge.
The hotel is a 3 min walk from the centre of the premises for which it is absolutely quiet and you sleep in a silence very pleasant even though the context is rather rural.
Only the bathroom is a bit small in the rooms by two, but there is always the water hot or cold in greece in the islands is not taken for granted. THE ONLY WARNING NEVER THROW THE PAPER IN THE TOILET BUT IN THE BINS PROVIDED THAT ARE EMPTIED SEVERAL TIMES PER DAY.
It is well decorated with good taste, totally renovated, a beautiful swimming pool and a bar provided for cocktails. The only small downside is the breakfast is a bit too English with eggs, cold cuts cheeses, various types of bread, a couple of plum cakes, cereals Greek yogurt and martellatine home-made, it is totally missing croissants, expressed, or milk...and the cost of 6 euro per day is expensive.
In compensation 3 min in the centre are half price and make a breakfast fabulous, or as we have done, we used the kitchen to make our own breakfast with fruit yogurt, latte macchiato and croissants.
The staff is fantastic, educated, polite, reserved, and ready at any time to solve everything and organize for you trips, car rental, boat and every other service prices advantageous.
We found ourselves really well and we have had many positive comments by other guests.
The cost was 360 euros for a room for two for 9 nights.
We have made contact with this Hotel on the internet through Holiday Greek, a fantastic organization that the council is for the accuracy, the reliability, the contact and the impeccable customer service. Two young boys, Elena and Andrea, honest, dynamic, nice that they made our holiday perfect in every moment, helping us to organise trips and transfer, rentals and tours with impeccable. From them we have always found the best jobs and having at the same time always evaluated different options. Their suggestions have always been excellent and in line with all of the opinions found in the various guides. Never part, they have always suggested the best and we have reserved treatment of privilege. We have also known the atria of guests who have praised their work. I leave their contacts if you'd like to try to assess with them an itinerary. On Facebook : HOLIDAYS GREEK. The Web:

Kardamena is cute even if it is to be noted that in past years has been affected by tourism, northern europe, quite young, especially English, that has created a degradation and a reputation just as enjoyable, for the constant fights that these kids, without control, have caused, ruining the holidays of many.
Today is completely different, we have not found this degradation and indeed a very quiet and pleasant with nice venues and a movement night absolutely normal.
Recommended restaurants, and not to be missed, Avli, Pelagos, Yannis. In these restaurants the Greek food is excellent and fresh, with a variety of typical dishes well presented and cooked, restaurants are mid-range for which around 20/30 euro. (They are all easy to find, and very reviewed in the guides and on tripadvisor)
Disappointing Manos, simple and familiar, Amenos but not particularly special aside from their saganaki and meatballs with chickpeas. Mediocre even Scale even if the terrace is very romantic and worth a dinner two.

The beaches:

the tops are the Haunt of Paradise at the tip of kefalos, impervious to reach, but with an extraordinary journey to the pesaggio that you have to cross, the road is completely unpaved and board the car, or a good scooter or quod of high cubic capacity. The beach is a little cove with stunning, wild, with the sea and enchanting backdrops, rich in natural rocks, and cliffs of sedimentary rock that have marine fossils and plant for those who want to stumble across an archaeological research original and improvised. We have found many things cute and especially stones wonderful.
The beach is served by very few umbrellas in palma at 6 euro and a small bar that offers watermelon, melon and water and a few other drinks. The rest of the beach is wild and offers beautiful views and reserved, tocchissima people get there...I recommend to all those who love total nature.
Exotic beach: caribbean, sea, swimming pool, extensive beach of dunes and tamarisk trees, you practice nudism and is frequented by the gay.
The beach is served by very few umbrellas in palma at 7 euro and a small bar that offers watermelon, melon and water and a few other drinks.

The beach is natural, clean, no seaweed and very beautiful.

To get there from kardamena to follow the direction of kefalos, be alert to signs that indicate Magic beach on the left, diametrically opposite on the road you will see a large altar blue floral, then go down to Magic beach on the left, then at the end of the downhill road and dirt, turn, following the sign for Exotic beach. Paradise beach very nice but very busy and well-equipped, fully. The staff. It deserves only a bath to see the bubbles sulphurous emerge in the morning from the sea in the adjacent Bubble beach with warm water from the ribollii volcanic.

Psalidi in the north east, near kos, it is absolutely not to be missed especially in the evening for night swimming in the pools talassemiche natural thermal water navy that get to 43 degrees ribollendo to the shore. The council of the dive plan and slowly and not more than 10 min in the bathroom, alternating them with cold baths in the sea near the pools circumscribed by smooth rocks. Do not use them if you have low blood pressure do not exaggerate and are not suitable for children or very elderly.
But be careful, because the costumes synthetic ruin, the plastics melt and metals oxidize heavily. Going beyond the pools also or by sea, by swimming or on land by hopping over a bit of rocks there are beaches of stones wonderful. But be careful are all areas rather franabili and there are no signs of warning only for neglect. Be careful.

Even during the day the thermal baths are very beautiful, but obviously it is very hot and crowded. However, you can appreciate better the sea, with sea beds rich of colorful rocks and fish of all kinds.


Trips not to be missed are those in the boat around the island of Kos, that mini day cruises to nearby islands.
We visited with two trips to separate the island of Nysiros, that kalymnos and Pserimos.
The boat trips are really not to be missed for the beauty that these islands express from the point of view of the marine.

For Nysiros the ferry takes you to Kardamena. The trip is rather short on public transport because the ferry leaves at 9 and go back to 17 (cost 15 euro) and whereas, the trip will remain a few hours, only enough to rent a scooter and run to the volcano which is well worth a visit for the beauty of the place, but Nysiros is also a village beautiful, and has some beaches and a very special thanks to the black lava rock and red that dyes the beaches and the waters, creating reflections of the wonderful.

Therefore, it is recommended to use private boats that abound in the harbour of Kardamena and organize a route and custom prevdendo even a night out.

For the islands to the north instead, It starts from the port of Kos, there are many boats that offer trips with grilled, we are entrusted to the care of Odyssey a gulet very large moored AT KOS (cost 45 Euro all inclusive) there he ran circles between the islands bays and fjords, incredibly beautiful of these magical islands.
Obviously in this case it is optimal to contact a private and with little to negotiate a custom path that includes at least a couple of nights out.

But also the daily trip is able to satisfy the pleasure of seeing beautiful places and to bathe in the crystal clear sea! However, in each case for those who do not want a sailing holiday ttout court, the trip will allow you to see things that are otherwise impossible from the ground.

The trip from kos soon to 9 includes trip to Pserimos, bathroom in the most beautiful creeks, then kalymnos, with a trip to the village, other bathrooms, grilled to the edge of the fish, etc...and then return.
Do not miss the traditional lunch in the Tavern Poppys''s in the picturesque village of Vathys, nestled in a fjord of spectacular south east of the island of kalymnos where you can buy natural sponges beautiful as the fishermen of kalymnos, the most experienced in the recovery of this particular product.

Kos town is really charming with a great mix of cultures and traditions. It is very interesting, moreover, to enrich the holiday of relaxation with excursions to the historical. Not to be missed is the visit to the temple of Asclepius, the roman house, perfectly preserved, unique in the world and the ancient theatre.

Fundamental step in the Plane-tree of Hippocrates which dominates the square of the city to collect a leaf from the ground as a reminder of this journey, and as a pledge of good and long life.

Kos is perfect for an evening, a nice movement, beautiful, cheerful and typical restaurants of every kind. I recommend absolutely not to be missed Elijah( Apellou 27 ; 85300 Kos) and Kalymnos (5 Averof, 85300, Kos) . Very well known and recommended by various guides with an excellent quality / price ratio. We have paid between 20/30 euro

Always in Kos is worth a visit the small village of Zia at the center of the island and is very well connected and well signposted. There is also a restaurant very well-known Taverna Oromedon not to be missed! In the evening from the terrace over to enjoy a good Greek menu, you can see a sunset a memorable one, go markets is open up to trdi or get off at the dance hall of sirtaki 1km down from the main road towards kos. (feel the music)

Warnings: not soiled, greece is a beautiful country but not very organized, I have often seen tourists leave around everywhere especially on the beaches. Waste that no one will collect because of the lack of an adequate system for the preservation of the resources. Keep clean because if you notice neglect in these islands a lot of responsibility and those who are lazy and ineducazione throws everything to the ground.

Bring shoes for the rocks: essential.

Attention to the areas subject to landslides, not reported.

Fate un’;travel insurance.

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