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  • Adult couples
  • People in search of complete relaxation/tranquility


  • The small village
  • few sights in the evening
  • beautiful sea


  • Beaches the long sand
  • Bottom medium/deep
  • The sea is calm and quiet
  • Meta giornaliera di molti visitatori da tutta l’;island


The area is very popular for its immense beaches: Paradise Beach, Camel Beach, Sunny Beach, Mark Beach, Agios Stefanos.
Kefalos è sicuramente la zona più servaggia dell’;island, ideale da raggiungere di giorno con uno scooter o un’; auto.
Kefalos it is a fishing village so it is good to know ,for those who decide to stay here, that is definitely not the right area for those seeking evening entertainment or a minimum center to be able to go out in the evening.
You will find some restaurants, shops that sell for the most beach items and a few market.
Per raggiungere il primo centro dell’;island (Kardamena) c’;è un’;the only road that night is not particularly enlightened.
Therefore we recommend you to stay at other locations, and reach Kefalos day.
If instead you are looking for a compelto relaxation is definitely the right area.

List of beaches

Photos of Kefalos

Kefalos it is definitely among the beaches beloved of Kos, perhaps the most famous of the island, in fact, every day motors and machines head to paradise beach.

Questo però non significa che non ci siano anche zone dove stare in solitudine…; absolutely.

You can also if you want to go in an area where you and only you. In fact the whole south coast is very long and takes a second position different names ( Paradise beach, Camel beach, Markos beach, Bubble beach ecc…;) sta a voi scoprire qual’;is that suitable for you!

A true paradise with its expanse of white sand and the sea color crystal.

Near the beach is the the monastery of Agios Nikolas.

How to get: the village of Kefalos is located about 45 kilometres from the centre of Kos, and there it is connected by bus service.

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