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  • Couples
  • Families with small children
  • Families with big kids


  • The beach sandy Kardamena it extends for about 6 kilometres at the village of the same name, and it is the longest beach on the island of Kos.

    Ideal for long swims and to practice snorkeling e scuba diving, many people go there for fishing. These tourist services.


  • Sandy beaches
  • Close to Kefalos
  • Posizione strategica al centro dell’;island
  • The sea is calm and quiet (winds from the coast towards the sea)
  • Seabed medium/low


  • ANEMOS (fish)
  • MANOS (cuisine: Greek)
  • AVLI (cuisine: Greek)

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The Village of Kardamena, polo tourist attraction, si trova nella costa sud dell’;the island of Kos in 30 chilometri dal capoluogo Kos Citta’;, to 15 km from Kefalos and just 5 km dall’;The airport of Kos.
From Kos Citta’; you can reach Kardamena with a half (car/scooter) or via the public bus which makes some stops during the day.
Accommodation in this area can be a good choice due to its convenient position to reach both the capital 30 minutes (Kos Citta’;) the area of the beaches più rinomate dell’;the island of Kos, Kefalos (15 minutes).
The village of Kardamena it is the second town for size after the capital, and boasts a calm sea, crystal clear , crystal clear and the beaches long and sandy.
Years ago it was subject to a tourism almost exclusively anglo-saxon, today Kardamena it is a place very frequented by the italians.
The centre of Kardamena has all the amenities needed for a holiday with lovely restaurants, bar, cafés, shops and supermarkets.
Behind the beach Kardamena you will find the bar street with pubs and evening clubs open until late in the night, suitable for a young and looking for fun. Da premettere che se siete con un gruppo di amici è consigliabile soggiornare nel capoluogo dell’;the island of Kos when in Kardamena, the local evening clubs are much frequented by the young anglo-saxon and northern Europe, with more passion for the pubs to the clubs.
The boardwalk provides a nice walk for families and couples looking for tranquillity, with shops, restaurants and bars, ideal for a dinner or a snack in the middle of the day.
Today Kardamena looks like a pretty seaside resort with apartments, hotels and restaurants along the beach, while the area behind it is full of crops, the trees and flowers. One of the peculiarities of Kardamena is that it will be enough to turn around with their backs to the sea and to discover the verdant mountains in the background.
Potrebbe incuriosirvi sapere che la moderna città di Kardamena è stata costruita sulle rovine dell’;the ancient city of Alasarnia of which it is possible today to visit some of the ruins brought to light by archaeological excavations, as: a sanctuary dedicated to Apollo and Hercules, a temple of marble dating back to the III sec. a.C., a theatre, a castle and some roman ruins.
In ancient times Kardamena era un centro di negoziazione molto importante per l’;The aegean and a strong export centre in the course of long periods of the antiquity.
Thanks to these excavations ,archeologici durante l’;summer Kardamena si svolge puntualmente il festival dedicato alla vecchia città di “;Alasarnia”;: festival, that includes many cultural events, theatre, concerts, exhibitions of paintings and photographs, traditional dances, scientific seminars, cycling races and chess.
Other important festivals that take place in Kardamena, are, one of the 29 agosto dedicata ad Agios Ioannis e quella dell’;8 September dedicated to the Virgin Mary.
From the small harbour there are daily ferries to the neighbouring island of Nisyros, ideal to visit in the day.
We recommend a quiet sunset stroll on the promenade along the beach Kardamena for more than 6 miles.
Paradisiaca l’;sunrise where the sky and the sea are colored in shades of orange and purple , per poi illuminarsi di un turchese sfavillante con l’;arrival in the morning.
Kardamena è l’;ideal for couples and families seeking a relaxing holiday, without having to give up the centre with restaurants, bar, cafés, fast food, shops and supermarkets.

How to get to Kardamena?

To reach Kardamena dall’;Aeroporto dell’;the island of Kos, that is 15 km (10/15 minutes), you can use taxi, rather than the public bus or take a private transfers.
If you are arriving via the sea, the main port is right in the centre of Kardamena.
If you are coming from Kefalos impegherete 40 minutes, from Mastichari 25 minutes, from Marmari 30 minutes, da Tigaki 35 minuti e da Kos Citta’; 40 minutes with a half (car/scooter).

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Kardamena BEACHES

The beautiful white sand beach with crystal clear water and a length of almost 6 miles, it is the longest beach on the island of Kos. Altamente raccomandata –; is the area of Helona (turtle) that is a beach in the heart of Kardamena ; questa parte ha ricevuto più volte il simbolo della “;Bandiera Blu”;

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