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Kos: the island of Hippocrates, between yesterday and today

The favourite destinations of thousands of tourists, the Greek islands offer, in most cases, una doppia opportunita’;: combine entertainment and culture. Not only sea and beautiful beaches then, but also the impressive ruins of the ancient, monasteries and fishing villages. The goal here proposed aims to be an invitation and a track for the discovery of more than 200 Greek islands scattered in the Aegean sea, in front of the southern coasts of the Turkish.

Coo, “the garden of the Aegean”

Kos Kastri island

The island of kastri in Kos in the Dodecanese

In the south-east corner ofaegean, stuck, you would say, between the jagged coasts of Asia Minor, emerges the green KOS , “the garden of the Aegean”. The lush nature and traditional villages, the endless golden beaches with clear blue waters, the considerable archaeological treasures in the native land of Hippocrates stands out as a valuable link in the long chain forming the islands of the Greek archipelago. With a surface area of 290 sq km. and most of 112 km. of the coasts, Kos it is the third largest island in the Dodecanneso for greatness, after Rhodes e Karpathos. In ancient times, for its beauty, called the “Island of the Blessed”’, because they believed that them was inhabited by gods and heroes. They said that Kos it is “sweet, privileged, surrounded by the sea...’ and “corculum mundi’, that means’ little heart of the world. Galen claimed that the climate was more temperate of the earth. In fact, Kos and particularly with from the point of view of the climate: its climate is considered among the best in the Mediterranean, along with Rhodes and Crete. The winters are mild and summers are, thanks to North-westerly winds that blow during the summer months (the “meltemia”, twenty etes), they are long and not too hot. It has a luxury shops, clear waters, and its great eliofania throughout the year and the warm autumns give it an extended period of time for the bathrooms (from May to October). Famous for being the birthplace of Hippocrates, considered the father of medicine, Kos and nowadays it is a popular tourist destination because it holds a special fascination derived from the mixture of the east and of the west.

Kos town

The city of Kos

La citta’; of Kos develops around the harbour a maze of narrow streets, brightly animated, which join to the characteristics mosques Deftedar and Hadji Hassan, dietro ai resti dell’;the ancient Agora.

Do not miss the visit of the beaches of Tigaki and Marmari which are respectively 8 e 12 km from the main town of the island of Kos.
Tigaki's long sandy beaches and its emerald sea is one of the favorite destinations for those seeking tranquility, the beaches are wide and golden, and the proximity to a centre with all services useful during a holiday with restaurants, bar , shops and evening venues . Do not miss a nice walk on the beach during the sunset that creates a delightful sight while the sun sets behind the nearby islands of Kalymnos and Pserimos.
Marmari is 15 km from the capital and is characterised by its high dunes of fine and golden sand , for the sea which slopes gently, a long, sandy beach is free that equipped with sun loungers and parasols. Ideal for those in search of the beautiful sea and the tranquility. A favorite destination for couples and families.

To visit the vivid Kardamena, to 26 km dalla citta’;, pittoresco villaggio dove si puo’; spend a half day in and around shops, while for those who want to go to Kalymnos in the day, another beautiful island famous for its sponges, to go to Mastichari, from where many ferries ferries (time 30 minutes) [object Window] prices really affordable. La parte migliore dell’;isola e’; in the area of Kefalos where are the best beaches; in greco “kefalos” vuol dire testa ed infatti se osservate la morfologia dell’;the island seems to see a lamb which kefalos ne e’; precisely, the head. La spiaggia piu’; beautiful, you should not miss , is called Paradise Beach: the beach is sandy, there are umbrellas and sunbeds for a fee, un bar-ristorante dove fare uno spuntino e si trova all’;within a nice bay with a clear sea colors ranging from light blue to dark blue. Il consiglio e’; to continue along the road and get off just beyond, in Agios Stefanos: here, the beach that stretches out at the foot of the ruins of the paleochristian basilica of Aghios Nikolaos, consente di raggiungere a nuoto l’;the island of Agios Stefanos, chiamata piu’; commonly Kastri, e di arrampicarsi fino all’;the church, all white and blue. Il panorama e’; meraviglioso e alcuni alberi consentono di ripararsi all’;ombra nei momenti piu’; hot of the day. L’;the island offers other beautiful beaches, alcune situate attorno la citta’;: Meropida, Psalidi, Agios Fokas, Dimitra, Lamp and Faros. Fuori citta’;, Marcos beach, Camel beach, Virgin beach, Limnionas, Aghios Theologos, Aghios Fokas, Tingaki, Marmari.


Early in the morning, you will go to the port, from where you can get a ferry to Nissyros, one of the most interesting Greek islands.

Innanzitutto visiterete il fantastico …;;continue reading the details click on the button below


In the evening drive to Aunt, the highest village of the’the island and at the same time, the one that has most preserved the ancient traditions. Initially, you will stop at a small tavern, where you can sample l’ouzo, the typical Greek drink and delicious snacks and local. ;..continue reading the details click on the button below


The half-day tour starts with the visit of the old part of the the city of Kos. We will visit the square of Hippocrates, the plane tree of Hippocrates, secondo molti studiosi l’albero più vecchio d’Europa e l’antica agorà…;. continue reading the details click on the button below


In the morning we will depart with a boat from the port of Kos to Bodrum, one of the major tourist destinations of the Turkey. First we will transfer by bus towards the inside up to the village and nomadic Shamlik..... continue reading the details click on the button below

Nel sudovest dell’;island, si possono anche ammirare in localita’; Naxos and the ruins of Astipalea, the ancient capital of Kos. Located 4 km from the Turkish coast (so much so that daily you make mini-cruises to day-to-day Bodrum, Turkey), l’;isola e’; a tourist destination for young, with a great desire to have fun and make friends. Are especially the groups of organized tourism that, in the summer, flocking to the beaches and the many nightclubs, o se ne vanno in gita all’;in front of Bodrum.

Kos citta’;


view of Kos town

Kos, l’;alternativa alla spiaggia puo’; the visit instructive to the historic capital, Kos town;, and its lively nightlife. The numerous archaeological sites of the classical period, ellenistica e romana ritrovate durante gli scavi sono sparse per tutta la citta’;. In addition to the Archaeological Museum, interessanti da visitare sono l’;the ancient agora, the ruins of the Tthe wicked of Aphrodite, the The temple of Hercules and a christian basilica of the V century. Ma il monumento piu’; significant Kos e’; the Castle of the Knights, che domina la citta’; dall’;high. Un vero must e’; represented by the beautiful ruins of Asklepion, (the oldest hospital of the world!), a temple dedicated to Asclepius (that the romans called Aesculapius), the Greek god of medicine. Here stands the famous Plane tree, under which, according to the legend, he taught the great physician. Le rovine dell’;Asklepeion are distributed on three levels and are included in a picturesque environment. Dalla sommita’; you can enjoy a beautiful panorama on Kos citta’; and on the Turkish coasts. Al ritorno ci si puo’; stop to eat in the village of Platanos, you cross. In the square, in fact, open some taverns with dishes of the Greek-Turkish. Those who appreciate the vestiges of history, will not miss to notice things less obvious and showy; the archaeological excavations that, in the area of the port, have brought to light temples, houses, roads and roman-Greek baths. In addition to the The castle of the Knights of St. John, pero’;, le presenze monumentali piu’; striking remain of the Turkish mosques,, the minarets, the orthodox cathedral, l’;the abandoned synagogue, the buildings in the Italian style, i quattrocenteschi bastioni veneziani che sorvegliano l’;the mouth of the bay, the excavations of the western, interesting remains of buildings painted and decorated by the mosaics in good condition. Ma torniamo in citta’;: adorned with buildings and remnants of the past, with ample roads and streets lined with palm trees, Kos offre tutte le comodita’; di una citta’; modern. Molto suggestivo e’; a walk in the evening from the piazza of the dolphins towards the castle, in quanto sono ormeggiati una moltitudine di velieri tutti illuminati con ognuno una simpatica signorina che ti descrive il tipo di escursione che ti offrono…; and of course the price!!! La citta’; di Kos e’; il centro vitale dell’;the island and the majority of the hotels, restaurants, taverns and clubs located here. Senz’;the other visit is to the villages, i caratteristici paesini dell’;within Asfendiou, Kardamena, Pylion, Aunt, Antimachia, all at a distance of less than 20 km from the capital. The evening and night life, tra le piu concitate dell’;The aegean and the Mediterranean, rappresenta l’;another attraction of Kos holiday. Dinner in a tavern, then you can choose among the myriad of bars and nightclubs dotting the country, the main. Typically Greek village of Mastihari worth a visit, it is full of taverns and the tourist port where in summer you can take a ferry to Pothia and other tourist destinations. On the northern slopes of the mountain Dikeos there are many the mountain villages. From Zipari, a road to the southeast leads to Asfendiou, then to Agios Dimitros, an unspoiled village, and it then goes on to Aunt meta's most well known, but definitely worth a visit for the rural landscape and the wonderful sunsets which you can enjoy from there. To the north-west of Aunt is Lagoudi, another nice village where he spends some time, then you will continue to Amaniuo and the ruins of the village's medieval Plyi, dominated by a charming castle ruin. In addition to the the ruins of the castle worth coming up here for a dinner based on grills and mayrefta. A 43 km from the Kos town is Kefalos, a village perched at the top of the cliff overlooking the the beach of Kamari, a lugo very nice, has succeeded in preserving its own characteristics. From Kamari boats to Nisyros. La penisola meridionale presenta il paesaggio più aspro e selvaggio di tutta l’;island.

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