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Excursions in Kos

A full list of excursions that you can do in Kos

Other excursions are tailor-made on request of the customer, with specialized guides and routes created ad hoc to satisfy every need


Questa è l’;[object Window].
It starts around the hour 09,30 with the Gulet (a typical Turkish boat similar to a large sailing ship) and you fall towards the hours 17,00.

La giornata è l’;[object Window], swim in the crystal clear waters and enjoy a delicious lunch with Greek meat kebabs and fish, accompagnati da verdure leggere e un’;[object Window].
Andremo a visitare le calette più incantevoli e nascoste dell’;[object Window], Pserimos and Plati, that are only 30 minuti dalle coste dell’;island of Kos.
A show hard to forget, the clear waters, crystal clear, the bays of a thousand colors, real paradises that have nothing to envy to the most popular destinations in the Caribbean.
This hike is suitable for adults and children and if you do not love diving .. don't worry! Il caicco si ferma sempre in ogni caletta e potrai facilmente raggiungere la spiaggia all’;[object Window]!
An unforgettable day!

30€ Adults

15€ Children


L’;[object Window].
We will visit the square of Hippocrates (the father of medicine), the plane tree of Hippocrates, according to many scholars the oldest tree in Europe and the ancient Agora.

We stop then in the most famous street of the city, to Bar Street, the evening offers lots of fun.
On the main square we will visit the city market, where you can buy interesting products Greek.
Finally, we will also visit the ancient theatre of the city are also easily accessible. Il viaggio proseguirà poi verso il più grande monumento dell’;island, Kos the temple of Asklepeion dedicated to the god of health, Aesculapius.
Here, we discover the old dogmas of medicine and to taste the magnificent energy that pervades the place, where is located the temple.
Our last stop will be dedicated to a wine cellar with wine tasting. Una giornata immersi nella storia antica e nella cultura di una terra fertile come l’;island of Kos.

40€ Adults

30€ Children



Castle Bodrum

Very important for this type of excursion is the seen, to be able to go in Turkey, che potrete fare direttamente alla biglietteria presentando un documento d’;[object Window].
We recommend heading down to the port one hour before departure, to avoid the long queues that form every morning. The Visa is valid for 24 hours.
Starting at 9,00 [object Window] the port of Kos [object Window] (the capital) with the arrival in Bodrum in just 25 minutes.
You will find also ferries that cost slightly less than the average, and this depends on the time of crossing, at times, reach the 60 minutes.
Joints in Turkey that is only 5 miles, you can decide to immerse yourself in the market for a day of shopping or a visit to the spice market, andare a visitare l’;[object Window] Bodrum, the Castle, the Underwater Archaeological Museum, the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, or the Zeki Muren Art Museum.
You have up to hours 16,00 (ora di rientro del traghetto per rientrare sull’;[object Window]).

25€ Adults

15€ Children


It starts from the port of Kardamena (costa sud dell’;island of Kos) hours around the 09,00.

L’;the island of Nissyros is just 40 minuti di traghetto dall’; island of Kos.

Nissyros, one of the most interesting Greek islands. Arrived at the port, you will find a bus with the wording of the VOLCANO.

The fantastic Volcano of Nissyros is semiattivo and attracts thousands of visitors every year.
Per la visita all’;the inside of the Volcano we recommend you to wear comfortable shoes and sunglasses, oltre a portare sempre con se una bottiglietta d’;the water to cool off in case you ever need to. What you will see will fascinate and intrigue greatly.

Smoke and sulphurous vapours are still coming out from some of the caves of the volcano and the vastness of its crater will make you feel part of it, and then part of the nature itself.

This small Greek island is famous also because at a first glance looks a lot like the Greek islands the Cyclades, with its small white houses and blue that contrast with flowers of a thousand colours and scents.

A walk through the streets of the country, a light lunch in one of the taverns, a coffee in one of the small cafés on the sea, they are not something you can lose.

Immergetevi nell’;Greek atmosphere and you will derive profound benefit.

Visitare anche il capoluogo dell’;island, Mandraki with its small church and monastery dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

Approfittate di un bagno nella spiaggia nera dell’;the island and a few hours of refreshment.
Before getting back on the ferry with departure to the hours 16,00 in the afternoon take advantage of the remaining time available to buy some souvenirs such as the famous syrup of almonds.

Rientrati nell’;the island of Kos after about 40 minutes of navigation, you will feel after strengthening and will be ready for a beautiful dinner by the sea.

Welcome back to Kos!

20€ Adults

15€ Children


Immersione nell’; The island of KOS

Have you ever had the urge to admire the amazing underwater world live and not only in the television? With a typical boat will transfer, up to a small bay with a backdrop of beautiful, where the professional instructors will accompany you on your first experience of scuba diving and equipment.

Instructors as before we divide into small groups based on level of experience.
For beginners will be made of the evidence (the day before) in the pool, so that you can learn the basics for a good dive.
You will never be alone in the dives and you will always have an instructor with you.
For experts with patent (to show to the instructors) there are several ad hoc programs for different depths, up to a maximum of 40 meters.
For this type of escursioneesistono two different centers :
in the south coast (Kardamena) and in the north coast (Kos Town) at the central port.
Immerse yourself in the blue and feel a part of his immensity!

starting from 50€


serata greca a Kos

In the evening drive to Aunt, il paese più alto dell’;island and at the same time, the one that has most preserved the ancient traditions. Initially, you will stop at a small tavern, dove assaggerete l’;ouzo, the typical Greek drink and delicious snacks and local. After the tasting, guests can visit Aunt and buy traditional souvenirs, as, for example, the canelada, syrup of cinnamon. Then you start towards the tavern Fantasy, the place of our evening fun. Follow with a rich program of excellent dancers that will present you with the traditional Greek dances, to which you will be invited to participate. There is plenty of dishes and good wine typical of the place. The evening will give you much fun in the typical Greek atmosphere.

30€ Adults

20€ Children

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