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Not to be missed in KOS


L’;edificio più interessante ed imponete dell’;island of Kos is the Castle of the Knights, located in the northern part- east of the port of the capital, to “defend” and “control” the strait between Kos and the coast of Turkey (l’;ancient Asia Minor).

The castle was built by the Knights of St. John in the mid-FOURTEENTH century, and very probably was not built from scratch, but on the other buildings that characterized other epochs.
For this reason, we find inserted in the walls of many ancient stones, pieces of marble, fragments of columns and other architectural parts that belong to other buildings.

The Castle, as we see today, it is built in two complexes, the main, one internal (and the most ancient) and an outer one with fortified walls (built at a later stage for extra protection).

The visitor can still admire the walls, towers, battlements, stairs and halls.

A jump in the past that deserves to be lived.



Il Museo Archeologico si trova sul lato nord di Piazza Eleftheria del capoluogo dell’;island of Kos.

Si tratta di un edificio a due piani eretto ai tempi dell’;the Italian administration, with an input of the majestic that is reminiscent of the roman baths.

Houses archaeological finds of the hellenistic period, roman mosaics protocristiani.

All’;inside you'll find wonderful statue still intact, mosaics, fragments of funeral steles and bas-reliefs.

Everything that was found has been gathered in this museum that will thrill not only lovers of ancient history.


Di fronte all’;the entrance of the Castle of the Knights of St John, was there the tree of historical importance, this is the The plane tree of Hippocrates.

Tradition says was planted by the famous doctor 2500 years ago.

It has a diameter of 12 meters and being a tree is very old and is linked to an infinite number of myths and legends.

Next to the gate of the protection that surrounds it, a sarcophagus, dating back to the period of the Turkish domination, adapted to fountain to provide water to the nearby Mosque Gazì Hasàn Pasha.


L’;asclepius is about 3 chilometri dal capoluogo dell’;island of Kos.

The location is very special and the view over the plain of Kos and the coast of Turkey make it even more charming.

Gli abitanti dell’;island of Kos have been exploited in a creative way the slopes of the small hill to build on three levels the various parts of the building complex.

L’;Asclepius of Kos divenne particolarmente famoso nell’;in ancient times for the ability and the wisdom of the “Asclepiadi” ( his doctors) and especially for the most famous of them all: Hippocrates, the father of medicine, che fondò nell’;the island, the first school for doctors.

The complex was excavated for the first time in 1902, at the time of the Turkish domination.

L’;The asclepius consists of 3 levels, and stood in the middle of a forest considered sacred.

Si consiglia assolutamente una visita prima di lasciare l’;island.

E’; a place that still manages to emanate a particular energy and beneficial to be able to live the best we recommend that you book at the ticket office a guide,that can lead you through a guided path, and explanations targeted to know the best of this place that attracts thousands of visitors every year from all over the world.


The Venetian Castle built by the Knights of St. John in the 1300, it was built on the ruins of most ancient buildings already existing.

Today, they are preserved partly doors, rooms, warehouses for agricultural commodities, cisterne per l’;the water and other buildings. Inside the Castle you find the church of Aghia Paraskevi, where is held a great feast the 26 July.

The church of Aghia Paraschevì is a basilica with one nave and the roof with the tiles, the floor is covered with small rectangular sheets, il capitello paleocristiano costituisce l’;the altar of the church and of the frescoes are left only traces. Inside the castle there are still the ruins of St. Nicholas.

Nell’;architrave della Chiesa c’;is rails is a slab with a coat of arms of the Knights and the date 1520. Nel suo sagrato c’;is a tank.

For the visit to the Castle of Antimachia, we recommend you go in the morning or at sunset to avoid the hottest hours of the day, non essendoci alcune area all’;shadow.

Passeggiare all’;interno di questa fortezza che ha un tempo ospitato soldati e centinaia di abitanti dell’;island in search of protection, you will immediately make a jump in the past.