COMMENTS FROM FACEBOOK: ; ; ; ;Try Greek vacations to stay in Kos (Kardàmena): careful, considerate and courteous. Bravi! ; ; ; ;Returned yesterday from Kos. Vacanzegreche proved to live up to expectations as to customer focus. Thanks to Andrea, Helen and all the staff for the willingness. If we go back to Greece you will surely be still our benchmark.  ; ; ; ;Elena and Andrea are very helpful ... surely we will meet again ... a kiss..  ; ; ; ;Returned Thursday by Kos.Bella island, nice holiday!!. Many thanks to Elena and Andrea for the help they have given us!!!. Fiorella ; ; ; ;Now returned from Rhodes! Lovely! Thank you and next time we will try Kos!!! MONICA ; ; ; ;... Elena, Andrea.... thanks so much for everything!!!! we returned qs morning ... Splendid Vacation, already I feel the lack of Kos ... I want to come back...!!!! see you soon... ELISA ; ; ; ;wonderful holiday, thanks KOS! ALBERTO ; ; ; ;Hello guys, the holiday is over, however, we were having fun greetings then if you go to Bologna let us a ring ;) MAXIMUM ; ; ; ;guys, we Kos almost 2 Holiday weeks with Greek, excellent organization and accommodation ... then Kos is beautiful! Partite subitoooo ; ; ; ;Hi Andrea !Thank you for the wonderful holiday :-)) ANDREA CECCATO ; ; ; ;Chi va a Kos, we will come back every year .... word of who, come me, He knows very well ... IRENE ; ; ; ;Hello guys I am back but I already miss Kos wanted to thank you for everything you were very available GIOVANNA ; ; ; ;Hello Elena / Andrea, I would like to thank you for the 'assistance and advice on places to visit that were ... it was just a beautiful holiday!! Francesca ; ; ; ;Hello guys!!I wanted to thank you for the information and support that you have given us to live this holiday to the fullest ... Beautiful island Kos ... it is in the heart!!A kiss and the next maybe! Federica

I would like to have information on you, where can I find it?

In this section you will find the details that answer your question.

on the orange line at the top to find the WHO WE ARE

I would like to have some reassurance in the most, maybe from someone who has already traveled with you?


Per dare l’;opportunity to ALL of our new customers to have some reassurance in the most, we have grouped some of the comments of those who have already traveled with us, from our pages in Facebook and via e-mail, inserendoli in una pagina dedicata così che possiate farvi un’;the initial idea.

To access the page CLICK HERE.

Our pages on Facebook dedicated to you also will find the various pictures posted by the customers themselves with their comments.

We invite you to add: PAGE FACEBOOK

How do I request a free quote?

E’; simple!

We have created 2 different modules.

The first is for those who have already purchased the flight and is in need only of the structure (apartment/hotel/all-inclusive) + trasferimenti all’;arrival and the restart : THE FIRST MODULE

The second is for those who are still in the initial phase for this needs of the flight + structure + trasferimenti all’;arrival and the restart : THE SECOND MODULE

How do I confirm a quote you sent to me?

E’; really simple!

To confirm just send us an EMAIL with the quote that you prefer, among those sent.

How do I book after you have chosen the proposal that interests me?

To book there are 2 different methods:

if you need only the structure you pay the 30% and the remaining part is poured 30 giorni prima del vostro arrivo all’; island of Kos

if you need the complete package you pay the fee in flight + 30% of the structure- The remaining part of the verse 30 giorni prima del vostro arrivo all’;island of Kos

How do I pay?

In a simple way, safe and fast!

There are 3 different mode:

with a bank transfer

with credit card

with paypal

Dopo aver pagato la 1′; part of that documentation I get?

Dopo aver pagato la prima parte riceverai la conferma di prenotazione dell’; apartment/hotel/all-inclusive with the receipt and the confirmation of the flight aereo.

Dopo aver pagato la 2′; part of that documentation I get?

After you have paid the second part, you will receive the voucher of your chosen hotel and the tickets to print and bring with you to the Airport.

ps. with some airlines online check in you can only make 10/15 days before, so as soon as possible , sarà nostra premura inviarVi tutta la documentazione necessaria per l’;boarding.

Where will I receive the Voucher and Airline Tickets?

All documentation will be sent to you via mail.

You only have to print it and bring it with you

What is always INCLUDED in the packages that made?

Telephone assistance before and during your vacation

Assistenza in loco sull’;the island of Kos with Italian staff

Staff Holidays Greek waiting for you at the Airport in Kos with a relevant sign of recognition

Trasferimento dall’; The airport to the property (where required)

Trasferimento dalla Struttura all’; Airport (where required)

Guida dell’; the island of Kos sent via e-mail prior to departure

Wristbands for discounts at local restaurants, taverns and night clubs/clubs

If I need assistance after booking, who do I turn to?

If you need assistance both during and after the booking, we are at Your disposal.

You can contact us via phone at the 02/40042922 or via email to or by what up to the 349/2260590.

In the summer period they are also active, the numbers of the Greek of our on-site staff, and will be sent to you on booking.

Se giunto/a sull’;the island of Kos, do I need a doctor or a hospital?

Don't worry, our on-site staff has the numbers active telephone 24 hours 24 for emergencies, therefore, for any problem, you can contact us.

You'll never be alone/a.

One of our assistants will provide you with the delivery of doctors who also speak the Italian language, but above all, you'll always have an assistant present.

How long do I have to book a Complete Package?

Our packages are built on a daily basis according to the prices of the flights.

Usually, the flights included are Low Cost, then more time passes, the more they tend only to increase.

In the case of charter flights may end quotations on the offer.

The quotation of flight and the relative increase in, does not depend on us but from different airlines.

The solution?

Evaluates the proposals sent, ask for changes if necessary, but if you find the right solution for you, don't wait too. Unfortunately, with certain airlines, the following applies::


Per venire nell’;island of Kos, how much documentation do I need to bring?

Very little!

E’; sufficiente la carta d’;identity for adults and birth certificate for children.

Always check the expiration dates a few weeks before starting.

The document must be valid up to the date of the return .

It may be useful to bring the health insurance card for any medical expenses.

If I have a problem and I have not been starting?

Don't worry!

That happened to us over the past few years have experienced unpleasant events that have not allowed the departure for the well-deserved vacation.

Airlines (a meno che venga inserita l’;insurance when booking) do not reimburse the ticket and only allow a name change.

If you do not have anyone who can start at your place, let US do it through our portals, rivendendoti the package with formula LAST SECOND/LAST MINUTE offers so that you can recover the total amount or the smallest possible.

For the structure if the cancellation arrives 30 days prior to departure you can request for the refund of the deposit.

When I call the number 02/40042922 sto chiamando l’;Italy or Greece?

The number 02/40042922 is an Italian numbering.

Nel periodo estivo tutte le telefonate vengono trasferite nell’;island of Kos, without any addition for the customer on the call forwarding.

Then every time I call you on the 02/40042922 I spend as if you call it in Italy?

Exactly, not a penny more!

In questa sezione abbiamo inserito le VOSTRE DOMANDE PIU’; FREQUENT.

If you still have any question, please do not hesitate!

In the CONTACT section found at the top of (orange section) find everything you need to get in touch with us!

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