COMMENTS FROM FACEBOOK: ; ; ; ;Try Greek vacations to stay in Kos (Kardàmena): careful, considerate and courteous. Bravi! ; ; ; ;Returned yesterday from Kos. Vacanzegreche proved to live up to expectations as to customer focus. Thanks to Andrea, Helen and all the staff for the willingness. If we go back to Greece you will surely be still our benchmark.  ; ; ; ;Elena and Andrea are very helpful ... surely we will meet again ... a kiss..  ; ; ; ;Returned Thursday by Kos.Bella island, nice holiday!!. Many thanks to Elena and Andrea for the help they have given us!!!. Fiorella ; ; ; ;Now returned from Rhodes! Lovely! Thank you and next time we will try Kos!!! MONICA ; ; ; ;... Elena, Andrea.... thanks so much for everything!!!! we returned qs morning ... Splendid Vacation, already I feel the lack of Kos ... I want to come back...!!!! see you soon... ELISA ; ; ; ;wonderful holiday, thanks KOS! ALBERTO ; ; ; ;Hello guys, the holiday is over, however, we were having fun greetings then if you go to Bologna let us a ring ;) MAXIMUM ; ; ; ;guys, we Kos almost 2 Holiday weeks with Greek, excellent organization and accommodation ... then Kos is beautiful! Partite subitoooo ; ; ; ;Hi Andrea !Thank you for the wonderful holiday :-)) ANDREA CECCATO ; ; ; ;Chi va a Kos, we will come back every year .... word of who, come me, He knows very well ... IRENE ; ; ; ;Hello guys I am back but I already miss Kos wanted to thank you for everything you were very available GIOVANNA ; ; ; ;Hello Elena / Andrea, I would like to thank you for the 'assistance and advice on places to visit that were ... it was just a beautiful holiday!! Francesca ; ; ; ;Hello guys!!I wanted to thank you for the information and support that you have given us to live this holiday to the fullest ... Beautiful island Kos ... it is in the heart!!A kiss and the next maybe! Federica

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Here are the comments that some of our customers decided to send us after their holiday.
We apologize if, unlike the comments of Facebook, we have had to omit a few details such as your personal email, but it was made only for a matter of privacy.
Before being published, we asked clients if they had had the pleasure which being published in the comments section.
After their approval,, have been published.

June 2012
We just returned and already we miss Greece, thanks for the vacation that you have organized, it was all perfect.
The hotel was perfect for what we were looking for.
The kids had a blast and we relaxed after a year full of stress.
Thank you
Antonella, Fabio, Marco and Lucia

May 2012
Dear Ms Elena, and I but The wife wanted to thank you for everything.
E’; was a pleasure to meet you since the first day of our holiday.
Thanks for the support and kindness they have always shown, without ever being intrusive.
The holiday was perfect from the beginning.
We left a small gift at the front desk of the hotel.
Spero l’;we have advised.
A thank you also to the rest of the personnel of the Holidays Greek.
E’; was a real pleasure to travel with you.
All is organized to perfection, without any unpleasant surprises.
Considerateci già i vostri prossimi clienti per l’;next year.
Giuseppe and Carmela

August 2012
We were only there for a few days and we are already back to the tramtram of all the days, but we just wanted to thank you for a fantastic holiday. We were really so good. Maybe it was better to do a few more days. We'll try again the next year.
Clara and john

June 2012
Andrea and Elena, thanks so much for the beautiful holiday. Everything was exactly as we had described on the phone. L’;the island is very beautiful (un mare cosi’; they were years that we haven't seen him) and thanks to your support and to your organization we were able to enjoy it in full. I can only recommend your tour operator you are very good and attentive to all the needs of your customers oops I correct myself, as it says Elena, “guests not customers”. Thank you so much for the beautiful experience.
Charles and Diana

June 2013
Thanks guys for the perfect holiday we had a great time. L’;the island is a spectacle. I vostri consigli utilissimi e l’;perfect organization. Benedetta and Matteo have a lot of fun.
Mary, Paul, Benedetta and Matteo

August 2013
Thanks Holiday Greek for the wonderful holiday that we have organised. We were from god, tutto era perfetto ed abbiamo potuto cosi’; relax and enjoy the week. A special thank you to Andrea who was great against us for the problems.

July 2013
Hello Elena,
grazie per tutta l’;attention and support that you and Andrea have had during ns. soggiorno a Kos e sopratutto durante il mio malore…;I don't know if others would have been so present. Thanks, thanks again and good work.

August 2013
Hi Andrea, volevamo tanto ringraziarti per il supporto e l’;the organization of our holidays in Kos. We were very well!!!! Ci vediamo l’;next year.
Carla and Simona

August 2013
A greeting from that of Milan! I know that we need to move to Greece. Non eravamo pronti al rientro…;it is a bit traumatic! A special greeting to Elena

June 2014
A big hug from Mirka, and James!
Non so come ringraziarvi per l’;aiuto e la premura che avete avuto nell’;assist my husband in the hotel before and in the hospital shortly after.
I have not felt never alone, and the great fear took, has been eased by your presence.
Today, James is following the various treatments for his heart brat, but he is well and greets you in a very.
I have no words to thank you!!

June 2014
Good morning Elena and Andrea, we wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful holiday that you gave us. Everything was perfect and we enjoyed in the true sense of the word our holidays. We could not ask for better. Ci vediamo di sicuro l’;next year.
Alessandro and Stefania

June 2014
We wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful holiday that we have organised. Erano anni che non riuscivamo a goderci a pieno le nostre “meritate” ferie ma grazie a voi quest’;year, we were able to relax and enjoy all the wonders of Kos, despite our children. A special thanks to Elena, who was so present and supported us in everything.
Lucia, Sandro, Sofia and Matteo

August 2014
Andrea e Juna grazie per averci permesso una vacanza cosi’; beautiful. Fin da quando ci siamo visti all’;the airport at our arrival we realized that we had made the right choice by deciding to travel with Holidays Greek. L’;the apartment was perfect, l’;organization sublime. We had a wonderful week. Thank you so much for everything.
Santina, Mauro, Angelica and Frederick

15 June 2014
Rientrati alla base e già piove…;
that's just sad!!
We wanted to thank you for this holiday.
Perfect organization!
A greeting to Andrea and Elena, who we have known
A greeting from fam. Bacciotti

July 2014
Hello Elena, we are back home and Kos already we are missing. Just wanted to thank you for the beautiful holiday full of history, sea and fun. I tuoi consigli sono stati preziosissimi ci hanno permesso di vivere al meglio l’;the island cheaply.
Marika and Alfredo

July 2014
W Kos, and W Holiday Greek! It was our first time in Greece, and thanks to you we have passion for this beautiful land. Your organization was impeccable, the desk, the holidays, the advice on restaurants and everything is perfect. We can only thank you for everything and for letting us spend a beautiful holiday
Andrea and Elisa

August 2014
Grazie Juna per tutte le dritte che ci hai dato per girare l’;island. E’; was a perfect holiday, excellent organization. L’;next year we'll do Rhodes. Talk to you soon
Luke and Anna

August 2014
Hello Juna, and thanks for everything! Mom had told me that you were special and I can only confirm. Organization superlative, treatment not by number but by people. Your advice has been useful, have allowed us to enjoy our vacations the best. The boat ride was a wonder, and the parties rocking!!!!! Consigliero’; Holidays Greek. Are the numbers unoooo!!!
Alice and Federico

August 2014
Hello guys we are the group Brambilla. We wanted to thank you for the amazing vacation. Notwithstanding we were in so many everything went perfectly (non abbiamo neanche litigato una volta tra noi…;), Siete stati bravissimi nell’;organize the activities and to follow us throughout our stay. We felt pampered and special. Preparatevi che l’;anno prossimo si va’; Rhodes. Un’;hug to all.
Group Brambilla

August 2014
Hello Elena, from the group Manganotti.
We are unfortunately back in Milan..
I am writing to you on behalf of all others 22 travel companions to say a heartfelt THANKS!
There you have followed in a flawless manner and you've got a patience incredible!
I did not know you and I had some concerns before accepting your quote (one of the thousand that I made you do!!), in the end I entrusted to the comments of those who had already traveled with you. I think I have re-read two thousand times, as long as I was convinced that it could be the right choice.
I miei timori si sono dissolti completamente quando vi ho trovato in Aeroporto a Kos con i bus già ben organizzati e ancora di più quando siamo arrivati all’;hotel.
Everything was as had been planned, no nasty surprises and at a price that is truly competitive.
If you want to publish this review, I will be happy because those who still don't know could be useful!
Exceptional Team, always present and always extremely available.
A thank you why you do this job in a flawless manner and in such a detailed manner that every customer can feel pampered.. and return to travel with you!
Keep up the good work!

June 2015
Returned from a few days from Kos, and we are already missing everything!!! Thanks a lot Juna Elena Andrea of the beautiful holiday that we have organised. E’; everything went as we hoped even if we were to be honest it went even better than we expected. L’;organizzazione è stata perfetta dall’;the beginning to the end. Grazie ai vostri consigli siamo riusciti a vedere l’;the island not just from the classical tourists, the restaurants that have indicated they treated us very well and we very much enjoyed the excursions that you have proposed. In short, we can only say good, are you serious, professional and above all a lot of these. Thanks again for this unforgettable vacation.
Alfredo and Mara

July 2015
Hello to all! Ci tenevamo a lasciarvi una recensione perchè anche noi l’;last year we read a lot before booking (unfortunately, there are certain on the internet that pull of the sun..!) .
Instead, with you we have found the Greece that we had never visited, but above all, we have discovered Holidays Greek!!!
Prices low, high quality, service before and after excellent ! Ma soprattutto la differenza la fate voi perchè conoscete ogni singolo angolino delle isole che trattate e questo ci ha permesso di viverci l’;the island to the better thanks to your help!
Keep the good work, never ceasing to offer your guests those small details that make a happy every holiday!
The legendary cavo paradiso!!
A greeting to all and especially to Sara who has “ endured”.
The next
Chiara and Marco

July 2015
Returned yesterday from Kos. Wonderful island, Grazie ragazzi per averci organizzato una vacanza cosi’; beautiful, everything was perfect. The tour of the Gulet will not forget never.
Dante and Alessandra

July 2015
That holiday boys!!!!!! Tutto perfettamente organizzato dall’;arrival to departure. Thanks Andrea for everything and especially for the parties organized there, and we had a casino!!!! The next
Philip, Nicolo’; Thomas, Andrea, Riccardo, Paul

July 2015
Hello guys, we wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful holiday. Sinceramente all’;inizio eravamo un po’; hesitant (su internet c’;is everything) but in the end I can only say to you THANK you.
Tutto è stato organizzato al meglio dall’;arrival at the end. Ci avete fatto vivere l’;the island in all its splendour. Thank you so much for the patience that you have had. We had a great time. Si replica di sicuro l’;next year.
Beatrice and Salvatore

July 2015
Ciao ragazzi siamo appena rientrate dalla nostra vacanza e già ci manca l’;island. We were very well everything was perfect! Thanks for the support you have given us for our little misadventure, without you we are lost. Advise you of Holidays in greece to all our friends because with you we feel safe and we have done a lot of fun without spending capital (l’;aperitif on the boat was phenomenal!!). We'll see you soon!
Laura, Beatrice, Alice, Sofia, Eleonora

July 2015
Destination Kos! and who expected such a thing??? Juna Elena Andrea, you were PHENOMENAL!!! Una vacanza cosi’; us will remember for the whole life. Sun, sea and a lot of fun! The beach party, l’;sunset aperitif on the boat, the tour of the three islands in gulet everything is super! And what key splash zero. Thanks guys for all. Si replica l’;next year. Ciaoooo

July 2015
Hi Andrea, thanks for this wonderful holiday in Kos!! My wife and I have been fine, abbiamo seguito i tuoi consigli e abbiamo visitato tutta l’;the island far and wide.
Peccato non essere riusciti a salutarti l’;last day. We sent our greetings via your assistant Sara, I hope you have reported.
Una vacanza favolosa dall’;the beginning to the end!!
Mario and Chiara

22 July 2015
Hello Elena,
I am the mother of Cecilia.
The girls are back Saturday and they were all enthusiastic.
Thanks for having followed.
I did see the photos of the boat trip.. an envy!
Thanks again
ps. I know that we have the chance to meet the next year

July 2015
Hello Elena,
these are days that all we do is talk of our holiday!
The wonder of the places we have seen!
We love the Greece!!!!!
Thanks for everything!!!!!!
A greeting from all of us
Clear, Marika, Deborah, Giovanna, Sara and Daniela

August 2015
Guys that tell you : THANKS!
We have spent a little, we had a lot of fun, abbiamo avuto solo belle sorprese…; you're GREAT!!!
A hug to our assistant Sara!!

August 2015
“Ahiahiaahi” with you we felt like at home. Grazie mille per l’;organization, always present and attentive to our needs. Il giro in barca è stato strepitoso i bambini non sono mai stati cosi’; happy and we could finally enjoy a holiday as it should. Good good good!
Laura Giorgio Alessandro Alberto

August 2015
Ciao, the holiday was a great surprise and everything. Sinceramente non ci aspettavamo un trattamento cosi’; but we must say that we could not ask for better. Elena, Juna and Andrea, you were perfect, have made us live beautiful days (what we absolutely need). L’;the organization in its entirety has not had a negative note, everything went smoothly and we had fun and relaxed as we wanted. We wanted to make you our congratulations, because you are really serious and professional. Un ringraziamento particolare per il fatto di aver insistito a farci fare il giro in barca è stata un’;incredible experience we had never seen the dolphins live. A memory that we will keep forever. Good guys and thanks again
Luigi and Annamaria

26 August 2015
Returned from Rhodes! thanks for everything Matthew! Il volo ha avuto un po’; di ritardo ma alla fine ce l’;we have made!
Greetings from the mythical (now, we know well) group Manganotti.
The choice of the area suitable (nonostante volessimo andare dall altra parte dell’;island, you were right you), wonderful hotel, Lardos bay.
Salutaci so much Elena for all of us!
Preparatevi che quest’;the year you go to Corfu!!
A warm embrace

September 2015
we wanted to thank you for how you have organized this holiday in all the details and thanks again so much for letting us give the sea view room. E’; was a wonderful surprise for my wife for our anniversary.
E’; was for us the first time we went at Holidays Greek , but believe me we were impressed.
Avete un’;impeccable organization, always present, always kind and always ready to meet the different needs of each.
Vi ho fatto una pubblicità in tutto l’;ufficio 🙂
Luca and Marcella

September 2015
I have to admit.. when you have sent us the quote seemed too low..the agency had fired some figures.. and to think that I thought it was a hoax..but NO!
All as promised, we have spent a little, ci siamo divertiti e abbiamo conosciuto un sacco di tipe…; Legendary!! Tattica la festa la prima sera…;Luke, Marco, Diego, Joseph, Fabio and Paolo.

June 2015
Unbeatable prices, quality, staff always present and, above all, prepared!!! what's not to little!!
We had just stay a bit longer! A hug Daniela, Fabio and the children

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